Anomy::HTMLCleaner with MD is stripping images

From: Rick Knight (
Date: Thu 08 Nov 2007 - 05:10:00 GMT

Hello Anomy list,

Sorry to re-post, but I forgot to edit the subject on the first post.

I have what I hope is a simple question. I have just upgraded my mail
server applications. Mimedefang, ClamAV and SpamAssassin. I included
Anomy::HTMLCleaner in the Mimedefang configuration. I added the
following to mimedefang-filter...

    # Cleanup HTML if Anomy::HTMLCleaner is installed
    if ($Features{"HTMLCleaner"}) {
        if ($type eq "text/html" || $type eq "text/plain") {
            return anomy_clean_html($entity);

This seems to be working and I get no error messages showing otherwise,
however after adding the Anomy::HTMLCleaner section to the filter all
images are stripped from my email messages. Is there a way to not strip
images from otherwise OK messages?

Rick Knight

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