HTML filtering and STYLES

From: Noel Clarkson (
Date: Wed 14 Dec 2005 - 23:16:44 GMT

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    Hi All,

    We turned on HTML filtering after an upgrade a little while back and
    whilst I'm happier now that it's on (and there is general agreement that
    it is a good thing), it has come with a couple of unwanted side effects.

    The first problem I'm still tackling is that when the STYLE tag is
    defanged at the top of some email messages, there is often a bunch of
    stuff between the open style and close style tag that then gets printed
    (often up to a page or so of style information). We have a number of
    staff that find this really annoying on emails they get quite

    We have not fiddled with which HTML bits get filtered, just using the
    default, and I'm really not that sure what might be a good compromise,
    or if that isn't likely to help that much anyway. If anyone has ideas
    on what settings might be good to overcome this, I'd be really greatfull
    to know.

    The other option which has been talked about in the past on this list,
    (but for which I couldn't find a resolution) was trying to get Anomy to
    deal better with all the bits in between the two styles tags. I
    understand that this is not as simple as making the opening style tag a
    comment start and the closing one a comment end due to having all of the
    tags in the middle, but if there are thoughts on what might be done to
    remove the problem, I'm really keen to hear.

    The second problem was that the log files that are sometimes placed
    inline rather than as an attachment often became 10 or more times longer
    than then actual message and on a number of occasions people printed out
    over 100 pages on an email that was less than two pages in length just
    because of all the reporting on html filtering. I ended up (in
    desperation) editing the HTMLCleaner module and commenting out all of
    the log lines so that there was no HTML filtering logging. Not great as
    I'll need to make that change each time a new version comes out and it
    would be nice to have that logging if we need it (although we've never
    needed to use it yet so...), but better than hearing the pain of people
    who've just printed 100 extra pages. If there is a better way to do
    this, I'm also happy to hear, but I'm less worried about that one as
    it's currently causing me less pain!!

    Any help appreciated.



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