Re: Problem with integration postfix + sanitizer - Fixed

From: Derrick Webber (
Date: Fri 09 Dec 2005 - 23:16:11 GMT

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    Lonely Wolf wrote:
    > NOW i'm really wake up :P
    > well i've forgot to add -o string in according to
    > FILTER_README to scan
    > every incoming mail by smtp. Now everything works.
    > Really Thanks for support and sorry for my distraction.
    > One moment.
    > In our company we use to sign our mail with a signature added by outlook
    > with the signature
    > feature which consist of a logo and our address but now Sanitizer tell
    > me that the file winmail.dat
    > has been removed .....
    > How can i tell to Sanitizer that our signature is safe?
    > I see in anomy.conf file_list1 to delete executables (1st line is
    > winmail.dat...) and file_list2 to allow "safe" contents and
    > i suppose that is here that i can tune my problem but in your opinion
    > what's the better way
    > to accomplish this rule?

    Change your MS Outlook (or MS Exchange) settings so it won't send
    winmail.dat files. That file is yet another attempt by Microsoft to
    poison standards... it consists of the message and attachments in normal
    Base64 format unnecessarily encoded a second time with Microsoft's
    proprietary "transport neutral encoding format" (TNEF). Only MS Outlook
    recipients can read it. Many e-mail firewalls strip it because they
    cannot scan the contents for malware.

    Turn it off then Outlook will send messages in normal MIME format which
    can be read by anyone, not just the minority who use MS Outlook.

    To learn how, search for "disable winmail.dat" and you'll find many
    guides, such as this one:

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