In-line Images

From: William (
Date: Fri 09 Dec 2005 - 17:21:21 GMT

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    I wish to use Anomy to (also) defang in-line image attachments in e-mail
    messages. Currently, when users send image attachments as separate file
    attachments, everyone is happy. However, if a user (usually a spammer)
    composes their message such that their image attachment is in-line, some
    e-mail clients (like Mozilla Thunderbird) automatically display the
    image irregardless the user's preferences (not to display images).

    I've noticed that such offensive messages use an <img cid:####> tag. I
    need Anomy to detect uses of the cid: property and rewrite the messages
    such that the in-line attachments become file attachments -- to empower
    the user to decide for themselves whether to view the image. How can
    this be done?

    Thank you very much for your time.


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