Re: 2 Issues

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Mon 08 Aug 2005 - 16:15:47 GMT

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    On 2005-08-08, 09:29:53 (-0600), William wrote:
    > 1) Whenever HTML has been sanitized, Anomy prints it's modification
    > report a full twice, exactly duplicated, into the message stream. For
    > very large HTML messages that use extensive Style Sheets, this adds
    > considerably to the size of the message and is not desirable. How can I
    > limit Anomy to print it's modification report just once per message?

    You could try setting "feat_log_inline = 2", which will make the
    sanitizer always convert messages to multipart/* and include the
    log as a seperate attachment, instead of opportunistically
    inserting the log wherever it things the user might be able to
    see it.

    It's a matter of taste whether this is an improvement or not.

    > 2) In Anomy's modification report, it prints it's version as: Anomy
    > 0.0.0 : $Id:,v 1.90 2005/01/04 20:30:13 bre Exp $
    > I suspect the version of 0.0.0 is not intentional. How do I update
    > Anomy's version string appropriately?

    The Sanitizer was originally planned as part of a larger suite of
    e-mail processing tools which was to be named Anomy. The "Anomy"
    toolset is still at version 0, since it's never been released. :-)

    So the information is correct, if a bit silly. Since I've given
    up on ever releasing the rest of the Anomy toolkit, I'll probably
    change this soon, thanks for reminding me about it.

    And regarding frequent updates ... Anomy is only updated a few
    times a year, you just got "lucky" when you downloaded your copy
    so close to the next release.

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