Anomy writing a second "from" header line with data that should never be written

From: Anthony McLin (
Date: Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 17:49:19 GMT

I'm having a fun situation where email being received (particularily
from earthlink accounts) is having some duplicate header information
written. The To and From lines are being written by anomy, and here's
the real strange part, the original From line will look like this:
    From: User Name <>
and the additiona from line is inserted earlier in the message and looks
like this:
    From: (some random text here)
where the "some random text here" is the description of the system
account that anomy is running as!

Is this a buffer overflow in anomy? Any suggestions would be greatly
appreciated, this is causing all kinds of problems including breaking
attachments (because the content type seperators are getting messed up)
and loads of wonderful user complaints.

Thanks in advance

-Anthony (in panic)

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