RE: Re: 100 % CPU utilization Postfix+Anomy+SpamAssassin+ClamAV

From: Peter Mueller (
Date: Tue 08 Feb 2005 - 19:26:55 GMT

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    > On 2005-02-08, 12:37:34 (-0500), Derrick Webber wrote:
    > >
    > > Note that perlcc is still experimental... you might want to
    > run a few
    > > e-mails through the binary by hand (or use the test script provided
    > > with anomy) to verify it actually runs correctly.
    > For "posterity", it would also be interesting if you'd post to the
    > list the results of this experiment: does it work and does it
    > noticably improve performance?

    Perlcc still doesn't compile for me. But I am running on heavily patched
    older systems with perl5.6.1. In case anyone is interested here's the error
    I get now:

    # perlcc -o sanitizer
    /tmp/ccZDnQzM.o: In function `dl_init':
    /tmp/ccZDnQzM.o(.text+0x114da8): undefined reference to `boot_MIME__Base64'
    /tmp/ccZDnQzM.o(.text+0x114e5e): undefined reference to `boot_Digest__MD5'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    c'est ici!


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