Re: 100 % CPU utilization Postfix+Anomy+SpamAssassin+ClamAV

From: kyle victor (
Date: Mon 07 Feb 2005 - 21:39:42 GMT

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    First yes your right, i did not notice it before but physical RAM is being devoured too

    I am running clamd and clamdscan I had already read that this was best practice.

    As far as your suggestion of lowering the maxproc setting in of postfix.

    The filter line in looked like this:

    filter unix - n n - - pipe

    maxproc for this would be 100 by default right?

    So I edit this line to:

    filter unix - n n - 25 pipe

    right? Less? More?

    My last question is about the executable output from perlcc

    I cd over to the /usr/local/anomy/bin dir then ran perlcc
    the result was a file in this working directory called a.out that is executable

    What do I do with it? rename it like :

    copy the original to, then
    mv a.out to

    I guess this question is worded better like this,

    Now that I ran perlcc against I need to have call this output file instead of the original right? Either by renaming this output file or by editing to call a.out, right?



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