Re: Undefang Attachments/Mails ?

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 20:43:14 GMT

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    On 2005-02-03, 11:03:26 (+0100), Joerg Mertin wrote:
    > Hia Folks,
    > I was wondering - if there is a possibility to make the defang-stuff
    > backwards. E.g. - I receive a Mail that was defanged - but want to process
    > it through a script that removes the defang stuff.

    There is no algorithm which is guaranteed to convert a message back to
    it's original state, since all sorts of things may have happend to the
    message during Anomy processing, up to entire attachments being removed.

    However, in many cases there are relatively simple things which could be
    done to reverse the effects of a particular sanitizer rule, such as the
    sed suggestion posted earlier.

    It really depends on what you need. If you really need pristine messages
    for something (e.g. an automated script which gets input via. e-mail) it
    may make the most sense to try and reconfigure your mailer to simply
    skip Anomy for that mailbox.

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