Re: winmail.dat skipped

From: Derrick Webber (
Date: Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 14:28:35 GMT

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    Dennis Gesker said:
    > I seem to be having an issue where either Anomy or the
    > script are ignoring winmail.dat files. Below is my configuration in
    > Anomy. When I run from the command line it does
    > process the tnef file into mime. No errors appear in my maillogs. I'm
    > calling Anomy from maildrop.
    > I've attached the winmail.dat I'm using for testing purposes. My email
    > client is Thunderbird. My configuration is below, my default policy for
    > the time being is: accept.
    > Am I missing something obvious? Could someone provide me with some
    > pointers.
    > file_list_1 = (?)(winmail.dat)
    > file_list_1_policy = accept
    > file_list_1_scanner = /usr/bin/ FILENAME%
    > Any tips or help would be very much appreciated.

    Try capturing the STDERR output from Anomy when it's run by maildrop (and
    uncomment $LOGFILE in tnef2multipart). Those logs should reveal what's
    going on.

    Also, your anomy config should look something like this:

    file_list_1 = (?i)(winmail.dat)
    file_list_1_policy = accept:drop:drop:drop
    file_list_1_scanner = 0:::/usr/bin/ %FILENAME

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