winmail.dat skipped

From: Dennis Gesker (
Date: Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 00:00:52 GMT

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    I seem to be having an issue where either Anomy or the
    script are ignoring winmail.dat files. Below is my configuration in
    Anomy. When I run from the command line it does
    process the tnef file into mime. No errors appear in my maillogs. I'm
    calling Anomy from maildrop.

    I've attached the winmail.dat I'm using for testing purposes. My email
    client is Thunderbird. My configuration is below, my default policy for
    the time being is: accept.

    Am I missing something obvious? Could someone provide me with some pointers.

    file_list_1 = (?)(winmail.dat)
    file_list_1_policy = accept
    file_list_1_scanner = /usr/bin/ FILENAME%

    Any tips or help would be very much appreciated.



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