Re: Re: Feature request - adding Virus-Header tag ?

From: Joerg Mertin (
Date: Tue 18 Jan 2005 - 13:54:21 GMT

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    yes - I tried it out - however, I don't like the fact it write the mail to
    disk, then recats it through another application.

    I tried to integrate it directly into the data-stream.
    If I understand correctly the way anomy-sanitizer works - it calls the
    clamAV-script in the Stream-process.

    Now - I let the clamAV script write a message into a file under
    /var/spool/tmpfs (max size 128k) - as only the detected Virus-Name is
    written into that file - using echo -n "" >> $TMPFS/virus_scan.tmp.
    In the script - I do pipe the content of the file
    virus_scan.tmp into the stream callning formail.

    cat | $SPAMC -f -u filter 2>/dev/null \
            | $ANOMY/bin/ $ANOMY_CONF 2>>$ANOMY_LOG \
            | /usr/bin/formail -a "X-Antivirus:`/bin/cat
    $TMPFS/virus_scan.tmp`" - \
            | $SENDMAIL "$@" || \
            { echo Message content rejected; exit $EX_UNAVAILABLE; }

    To be honest - I don't understand - why the content of virus_scan.tmp is not
    catted into the X-Antivirus statement...
    the tmpfs is 128k big, mounted in sync mode - and to be used by anomy-user
    filter only.

    If I look at that file after a infected file went through - it contains
    the Virus-Name ...

    any Idea - where the race condition is produced ?
    I'd like to omit the writing out the E-mail to a tmp-file to process it ...
    Rather only write the Virus once into the tmp-file ...



    <quote who="Luis Miguel R.">
    > El Friday, 14 January del 2005 a las 05:37:30PM, Joerg Mertin escribió:
    >> Thx Luis,
    >> that's the page I used for initial configuration. Actually - it's the
    >> script presented on this page - I use (heaviliy more simple) as I don't
    >> need all the gimmicks.
    > Have you tried my script?
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