Re: Calling ClamAV

From: Alan Munday (
Date: Tue 18 Jan 2005 - 01:22:16 GMT

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    Thanks Peter

    I did see this in the archive, but did not get it. Having thought about it a bit I now think I get it...

    A few further observations/questions of clarification.

    Peter Mueller wrote the following on 18/01/2005 00:21:
    > # rpm -qa | grep clam
    > clamav-0.70-1

    Will be 0.80-2 here.

    > file_list_6_scanner = 0:2:3:/usr/local/anomy/bin/ %FILENAME
    > file_list_6_policy = accept:save:drop:drop
    > file_list_6 = (?i)(.*\@.*\.com)$

    This this goes into anomy.conf. Does it need to go in a specific location or just at the tail of the file?

    Do the file_lists act independently of each other? That is, will this scan what ever is still left after file_list_1, file_list_2, etc?

    Given I used the Advosys document to do the initial set-up, are there any extension types that are still recommended to drop and vice versa, i.e. are there any extension types that clamav can be relied on to catch? (and therefore not need to drop any more).

    > /usr/local/anomy/bin/

    This appears to use the command line only which will be great for testing. When I'm happy with the set-up I take it that I can move over to the daemon easily (change the call to clamd?).



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