Calling ClamAV

From: Alan Munday (
Date: Mon 17 Jan 2005 - 22:35:46 GMT

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    I'm looking to add ClamAV to my system (RH9) where I have Anomy configured with Postfix pretty much as per the Advosys document.

    Having done some searching I thought the easiest way to add clamav to the system is to use the rpm's produced by Dag Wieers. I'm assuming that I would only need to instal clamav-db and clamav rpm's (at least initially).

    While I found a couple of references to calling clamav from Anomy they were not clear to me. One required editing the which I would like to clarify as a requirement so I can remember this at upgrade time.

    Any how, does anyone have any clear advice on the set-up of Anomy to call clamav please?



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