Re: Feature request - adding Virus-Header tag ?

From: Luis Miguel R. (
Date: Fri 14 Jan 2005 - 11:57:36 GMT

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    El Thursday, 13 January del 2005 a las 11:12:48PM, Joerg Mertin escribió:
    > Hi Luis,
    > thx for your reply. I read the thread - and - yes. UNderstand your point
    > of view.
    > This made me think about a way to circumvent the fact that I can't use
    > procmail on my system accounts - as the people there have no local
    > accounts.
    > However.
    > But maybe you can give me a hint on my self-built solution here.
    > I'm using a script - that basically handles
    > and pipes it then to formail:

    Some time ago I wrote this script, is a glue between sanitizer.procmail and the script
    found in "", which is
    really the filter example provided by postfix in the documentation
    adapted for sanitizer.
    See, for info in how to implement this filter.

    Hope it helps.



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