Feature request - adding Virus-Header tag ?

From: Joerg Mertin (
Date: Fri 07 Jan 2005 - 10:33:48 GMT

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    Hia Folks,

    how hard would it be to add a header Tag to E-Mail in case a Virus is
    found, if it is activated in the config-file?

    Reason for this:

    I'm using anomy in conjunction with postfix/clamAV - and wrote a little
    script that also sends back the Virus-Name to anomy which then gets added
    to the save-message... anomy is integrated as a Proxy-Application.

    However - as I do some sieve processing - where I can reject E-mails
    directly through postfix (lettign users define their own reject policy).

    So - if I had a header in the E-mail stating, b.e. for Clean:
    X-Sanitizer-Virus: Clean

    or for detected viruses:
    X-Sanitizer-Virus: [VIRUS] Worm.Bagle.Z

    b.e. - I could write a simple sieve filter for:
    if header :contains "X-Sanitizer-[Virus]" "VIRUS" {
        reject "Your Mail is infected with a VIRUS - Rejected !";

    which would reject the mail directly prior delivery...

    If not - what other posibilities do I have to reject infected E-Mails
    directly through the MTA ?

    Thanks & Cheers



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