seperate quarantine and temp files?

From: Sean Carney (
Date: Fri 01 Oct 2004 - 23:44:12 GMT

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    Hi everyone. One quick question.

    I was wondering if there was a way to save quarantined files into a
    seperate directory instead of using the same dir for both quarantined
    files and the temp files. I'd really like to mount a small (2MB, maybe?)
    tmpfs volume for the temp directory (currently /var/spool/filter) but I'm
    concerned that I might run into a situation where the tmpfs mount could be
    filled up in the case of a clamd problem or... something. I'd love to get
    the speed (and less disk I/O) of the tmpfs temp directory, but I'd rather
    not take the chance of mail getting rejected because it filled up for
    whatever reason. Also, any recommendations on how big it should be? I'm
    guessing 2MB should be enough. The machine's got a good bit of memory
    (512MB), so i'd rather make it a little too big than too small, especially
    if there's no way to seperate the quarantine/temp directory into two
    different ones.

    Oh, and my configuration is based on the advosys script, w/ postfix, using
    anomt 1.68, spamc and the latest version of clam av.

    Any thoughts?

    Sean Carney
    Systems Administrator
    Liberty Communications.

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