RE: Anomy, Postfix, Spamassassin...empty emails =(

From: Peter Mueller (
Date: Fri 01 Oct 2004 - 16:46:25 GMT

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    Hi James,

    > Need a help here...not really sure how to even start to debug
    > this issue. I
    > followed the Advosys instructions pretty well and the current
    > setup has been
    > running fine. My issue is that when I make some changes all
    > I get is empty
    > emails. Instead of post a boatload of config files and such
    > the following
    > link has my saniziter.cfg,, and a sample header...and
    > believe it or not, that's the ENTIRE header.

    Try running with logging:
    export ANOMY_LOG=/var/log/anomy.log
    And (if you use spamd):
    # Use spamd/spamc
    cat | $SPAMC -f -u filter 2>/dev/null \
            | $ANOMY/bin/ $ANOMY_CONF 2>>$ANOMY_LOG \
            | $SENDMAIL "$@" || \
            { echo Message content rejected; exit $EX_UNAVAILABLE; }

    exit 0

    This has helped me solve the 'empty mail' error in the past.



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