Anomy, Postfix, Spamassassin...empty emails =(

From: James Lay (
Date: Fri 01 Oct 2004 - 12:59:18 GMT

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    Hey all!

    Need a help here...not really sure how to even start to debug this issue. I
    followed the Advosys instructions pretty well and the current setup has been
    running fine. My issue is that when I make some changes all I get is empty
    emails. Instead of post a boatload of config files and such the following
    link has my saniziter.cfg,, and a sample header...and
    believe it or not, that's the ENTIRE header.

    The only difference between sanitizer.cfg and sanitizer_user.cfg is that zip
    is moved from the first drop rule, to the scan rule. This (crudely) allows
    me to define which users can get zips and which can't...though I'm sure
    there is a cleaner way to do this. Are there any steps I can take to debug
    why I'm getting nothing but empty emails when I put this in place? Thanks

    James Lay
    Network Manager/Security Officer
    AmeriBen Solutions/IEC Group
    Deo Gloria!!!

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