Virex scanner causing Anomy error

From: Dennis Putnam (
Date: Tue 21 Sep 2004 - 13:08:52 GMT

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    I am trying to get Anomy to scan attachments using Virex. However, each
    time I send an email through Anomy with an attachment I get a perl
    error. The error is:

    procmail: Executing
    Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at
    /opt/anomy/bin/Anomy/ line 1064.

    Here are the relevant entries in sanitizer.cfg:

    file_list_3_scanner = 0,1:2:3,4:/opt/anomy/bin/ %FILENAME
    file_list_3_policy = accept:save:drop:save
    file_list_3 = (?i)\.(xls|d(at|oc)|p(pt|l)|rtf|[sp]?html?
    file_list_3 += |class|upd|wp\d?|m?db
    file_list_3 += |z(ip|oo)|ar[cj]|lha|[tr]ar|rpm|deb|slp|tgz
    file_list_3 += )(\.g?z|\.bz\d?)*$

    Can someone point me in the right direction to fixing this? TIA.

    Dennis Putnam
    Information Technology
    AIM Systems, Inc.
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