From: Luis Miguel (
Date: Fri 23 Jul 2004 - 17:58:53 GMT

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    Hi all, looking inside I get:

    # This is a list of MIME types, and regular expressions which file-names
    # are expected to match if that type is being used.
    my $default_name_type_checks =
        "audio/x-ms-wma" => '(?i).wm[af]$',
        "audio/x-wav" => '(?i).wav$',
        "audio/wav" => '(?i).wav$',
        "audio/x-midi" => '(?i).midi?$',
        "image/gif" => '(?i).gif$',
        "image/jpeg" => '(?i).jpe?g$',
        "image/png" => '(?i).png$',
        "image/tiff" => '(?i).tiff?$',

    This is nice, if the filename dont correspond with the correct
    content-type, the filename is mangled.

    I think will be nice if $default_name_type_checks could be configured
    in sanitizer.cfg


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