RE: disable anomy

From: Peter Mueller (
Date: Mon 28 Jun 2004 - 22:53:30 GMT

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    > here is the log.
    > ... delay=1870, status=bounced (Command time limit exceed:
    > "/usr/local/anomy/")
    > what could be holding these messages for so long, are there any other
    > logs i can look at that might help evaluate this?
    > i would love to totally remove anomy from the equation so i
    > can trouble shoot this.

    I'm using a modified Advosys install. Maybe turning on anomy logging
    instead of re-doing your postfix configuration will help. I bet there
    is a DNS or similar problem, rather than Anomy just suddenly taking many
    more hours to do the same job.

    export ANOMY_LOG=/var2/anomy.log

    ANOMY/bin/ $ANOMY_CONF < out.$$ 2>>$ANOMY_LOG | $SENDMAIL
    exit 0


    # Use spamd/spamc
    cat | $SPAMC -f -u filter 2>/dev/null \
            | $ANOMY/bin/ $ANOMY_CONF 2>>$ANOMY_LOG \
            | $SENDMAIL "$@" || \
            { echo Message content rejected; exit $EX_UNAVAILABLE; }
    exit 0

    Etc. As you can see this will log Anomy into whatever you define
    ANOMY_LOG as.

    BTW if you tried to disable Anomy in, did you also change the
    corresponding entries in the other configuration files? E.g., did you
    change the entries in (check_recipient_access



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