disable anomy

From: rushi de silva (
Date: Mon 28 Jun 2004 - 17:59:32 GMT

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    i am new to the list and have searched the postfix and googled the
    anomy list (i don't know how to search the list directly).

    i started getting timeout error (delay=1000) from and mail is
    getting bounced.
    i am using sa with anomy and postfix

    how do i disable anomy filtering.

    i have two lines in my lines which i tried to comment (below)
    but then mail stopped coming in and i see an error in my postfix logs.

    filter unix - n n - - pipe
       flags=Rq user=filter argv=/usr/local/anomy/ -f ${sender} --

    postfix log error
    connect to transport filter: connection refused

    i am stuck


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