more sanitizer questions

From: Luis Miguel (
Date: Tue 15 Jun 2004 - 15:55:35 GMT

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    Hi all.

    Can I have multiple "msg_file_save" texts?, I dont want to delete any file but want to have a msg for disabled extensions and other for mails with virus.

    Anyone is using the lastest (v0.05) (, I configure it but allways get the same error:

    (root@cubo:~)# perl mbox
    Can't open mbox: No such file or directory at line 91. my $tnef = Convert::TNEF->read_in($tneffile) or die $Convert::TNEF::errstr;

    Anyone is using the patch to show the virusname with sanitizer? (, I have patched and created a wrapper for my antivirus (clamav), but dont know how to pass the virus name from the wrapper to sanitizer.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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