Re: Anomy - Almost Perfect

From: Matt Fahrner (
Date: Mon 24 May 2004 - 15:56:19 GMT

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    Sorry I've been too busy to answer....

    First in response to an earlier email, I've disabled using the
    HTMLCleaner so this isn't because of the HTMLCleaner (it's actually
    earlier on in the MIME headers).

    Second, I'll forward Bjarni and example of what the message looks
    like. I actually already coded in a fix (2, 2 line changes in two files).

    Thanks to all who responded!

                            - Matt

    Bjarni R. Einarsson wrote:

    > On 2004-05-20, 13:02:49 (-0400), Matt Fahrner wrote:
    >>The reason appears to be that the following MIME header items are removed:
    >> Content-Base: ""
    >> Content-Location: ""
    >>which is used to resolve the relative URL items in the attached HTML.
    > OK, this is just new to me, which is why the sanitizer doesn't handle
    > these headers properly
    > Could you send me (off-list) a gzipped copy of an entire e-mail message
    > formatted like this, so I could take a look?

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