Re: Adding ClamAV

From: Mark Janssen (
Date: Fri 21 May 2004 - 17:07:43 GMT

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    Kyle Victor wrote:

    >RH8+Postfix+Anomy+SpamAssassin (I am trying to add ClamAV)
    >I can not seem to figure out how to get Anomy to call ClamAV
    >Does anyone know where I can find a how to, or if someone has been able to
    >get this to work can/will you help
    >I have added this to the conf file in anomy and reloaded Postfix:
    ># send everything to ClamAV first
    >file_list_1 = (?i).*
    >file_list_1_policy = accept:mangle:drop:save
    >file_list_1_scanner = 0,1:2,4:66:/usr/local/bin/clamd/clamdscan %FILENAME
    >Should I be sending this to /usr/local/bin/clamscan?
    >Or do I need to send it to the clamd?
    >Any help even just a point toward a HOW TO would be appreciated
    I have the following in my config file:
    file_list_1_scanner = 0:0:1:/usr/bin/clamdscan %FILENAME
    file_list_1_policy = unknown:mangle:drop:save
    file_list_1 = (?i)\.*
    clamdscan uses the clamd deamon to scan the files, this means you need
    to have clamd running. You can also use clamscan, which is some slower
    but doesn't use the clamd deamon.
    Also make sure you haven't got any spaces after your regular expression,
    it took me a few days to find out I had one...


    Mark Janssen

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