Request for comments: sanitizer.procmail sample rule

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Thu 13 May 2004 - 13:40:36 GMT

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    Hi all,

    I've created a procmail rule which illustrates how to invoke
    the Sanitizer and then add headers to the message based on the
    results of the scanning process (e.g. add a header when a
    virus is found).

    While I was at it I also implemented basic quarantine
    functionality, just to make debugging things a little bit
    easier. :-)

    I'm looking for people interested in testing it and giving me
    feedback. The ruleset is here:

    I'd also like to solicit comments from you on what other
    goodies it would be nice to have in a standard procmail
    rule-set. Good ideas would get added to the file (possibly
    commented out by default) and this file will be included (in
    the contrib/ directory) with future releases of the sanitizer.

    So... comments, anyone?

    Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson

    PGP: 02764305, B7A3AB89

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