FProt and anomy on perl 5.6.1

From: Andrew McGill (
Date: Thu 13 May 2004 - 10:46:32 GMT

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    I'm trying to get sanitizer to scan using fprot. By itself
    sanitizer works just fine:

            # echo test | ./
            testX-Sanitizer: This message has been sanitized!
            X-Sanitizer-Rev: $Id:,v 1.87 2004/05/07 17:42:12 bre Exp $

    Asking it to use the built-in fprot scanning doesn't work too
    well though:

            # echo test | ./ -fprotd
            Can't locate object method "new" via package
            "Anomy::Sanitizer::FProt" (perhaps you forgot to load
            "Anomy::Sanitizer::FProt"?) at ./ line 74.

    The file is certainly there -- ./Anomy/Sanitizer/

    I suspect, of course, that I'm doing something wrong.


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