Re: Add header according to virus scanner output

From: Mark Janssen (
Date: Wed 12 May 2004 - 19:05:03 GMT

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    Alexander Gretencord wrote:

    >Is there a possibility to add a header depending on the outcome of virus
    >scanning? For now anomy just adds a header for the virus scanner (or to be
    >more precise f-prot's adds a X-Antivirus: scanned by... header.
    >What I would like to be able to do is define what kind of header is added in
    >response to the outcome of the virus scanning.
    >So if a mail is classified as having a virus, add X-Virus=Yes or something
    >like that. Have I overlooked that feature or would it be possible to add
    >this? Or should I just send a patch?
    >Is from fprot very differrent, I've not checked that yet? I'd
    >probably want to patch that directly.
    I also want this feature.
    What you can do, is add a unique ID to msg_file_drop and msg_file_save.
    Then you can filter the messages using that ID (e.g. if you want
    procmail to trash infected mails).


    Mark Janssen

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