defanged DIV tags in HTML mails from outlook lead to missing CRs

From: amrito (
Date: Fri 07 May 2004 - 12:36:59 GMT

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    Hi everybody!

    First of all thanks for having done great work!

    What I'd like to know:
    I've already read the 'Ugly HTML mail from Outlook users' part in the doku,
    my problem seems to be related to this somehow:

    I got mails from some outlook users, being text/html, where
    the outlook seems to bracket lines with <DIV>...</DIV>
    which makes the receiving mail client handle these as one line.

    When the 'DIV' gets defanged as 'DEFANGED_DIV', the client doesn't
    know what to do any more and doesn't break lines any more,
    so the whole stuff becomes one large line.

    Is there any easy way to change just this single bit
    without disabling the whole html defanging?
    (I'd rather trash the html part from a multipart text/html mail,
    but my users do not appreciate that and I didn't dare to do it despite)

    Thanks anyway.


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