Re: Add-on available to check inside ZIP attachments

From: Derrick Webber (
Date: Sun 25 Apr 2004 - 14:26:10 GMT

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    Alexey Lobanov wrote:
    > Few corrections to Rick's
    > 1. Extension analysis must be case-independent. .EXE is not much better than .exe

    Oops... you're right. We forgot that in your sample pattern. Fixed. Also
    added the check for whitespace at the end of the filename.

    > 2. /usr/bin/perl seems to be more universal default than /usr/local/bin/perl

    Fair enough. Changed.

    > 3. ($zip->eocdOffset() does not work in Archive::Zip 1.39, Debian 3.02. Should we
    > define exact Archive::Zip version?

    Won't it be great when the next Debian is released? eocdOffset has been
    in Archive::Zip since v0.12 (released in May 2001). Sadly, Debian 3.0
    only has Zip::Archive 0.11. We've added a note about the required
    version and a check for those still using the original Debian package.

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