Re: Empty emails and undefined value

From: Dawood Isaacs (
Date: Sun 28 Mar 2004 - 11:36:40 GMT

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    I think I figured out what caused the "undefined value" in
    Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at /usr/local/anomy-167/bin/Anomy/ line 1064.
    I changed the following line in my sanitizer.cfg from this
           file_name_tpl = /var/quarantine/$F.$Y-$m-$d.$H:$M:$S
           (e.g. unnamed.html.2004-03-28.13:17:24)
    to this
           file_name_tpl = /var/quarantine/$F.$$$.$Y-$m-$d.$H:$M:$S
           (e.g. unnamed.html.GNK.2004-03-28.13:17:24)
    to ensure that the filename was unique.
    The error seemed to indicate that Anomy was looking for a file that didn't exist.
    I guessed that emails in quick succession could possibly overwrite each other's
    a temp files if the filename is not unique.
    I guess that I was wrong in assuming the seconds-tag ($S) would
    make the filename unique.


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