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From: Robert de Bath (robert$
Date: Wed 24 Mar 2004 - 08:53:59 GMT

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    On Tue, 23 Mar 2004 wrote:

    > Has anyone noticed a strange behavior caused by emails infected with the
    > Netsky-P/Q virus.
    > My company has gotten a number of emails, with the message:
    > If the message will not displayed automatically,
    > follow the link to read the delivered message.

    There are some recent varients of these worms that don't actually send
    the virus in the email. Instead they send either one of those MSIE HTML
    "cid:" constructions or just a link that is used to download the virus
    from the machine that sent the virus email to you. Anomy is probably
    already filtering both these twists (it does by default).

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