Re: RE: Announcing revision 1.67

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Tue 23 Mar 2004 - 22:48:02 GMT

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    On 2004-03-23, 14:39:21 (-0800), Peter Mueller wrote:
    > Fantastic, I will give it a spin later this week and report back. Just to
    > be clear, does this version require Jeff Jackson's inline image patch? I'm
    > assuming so since there is nothing in the changelog..

    That's a different issue, if you needed Jeff's patch before you'll
    probably still want it.

    The basic problem there is that Anomy's HTML cleaning stuff needs to
    be made more configurable and the program documentation is really,
    really outdated and should explain these things in more detail... and
    I know I don't really have time to address either issue any time son.

    Any volunteers?

    Just patching to change the default behavior don't interest me, but
    patches which make things more easily configurable and
    user-contributed documentation updates would be a god-send. :-)

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