RE: Announcing revision 1.67

From: Peter Mueller (
Date: Tue 23 Mar 2004 - 22:39:21 GMT

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    > From the CHANGELOG:
    > Added code to decrease the odds that attachments with content-IDs
    > ending in ".com" get mistakenly treated as executables.
    > Tweaked MIME parsing to catch a few more odd virus-generated
    > messages.
    > Obfuscated some of the testcase results using simple rot13
    > encoding, so the Anomy .tar.gz file wouldn't be flagged as
    > "infected" by various virus scanners.

    Fantastic, I will give it a spin later this week and report back. Just to
    be clear, does this version require Jeff Jackson's inline image patch? I'm
    assuming so since there is nothing in the changelog..

    In, try changing the line for "src" under the "img" =>
    section (line 422 for me).

    Change the line "src" = "src" to "src" = "1"

    That restored the inline images in the html emails being sent to me.



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