RE: Anomy,postfix, TLS, stunnel, spamassassin...ACK !!!!

From: Peter Mueller (
Date: Tue 23 Mar 2004 - 18:25:51 GMT

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    > Well...I've roasted my brain trying to come up with a
    > good solution for's what I'm hoping to
    > accomplish:

    Don't roast your brain!

    > Postfix + TLS patch:

    (Note : I've never used TLS). During this whole post I was thinking "why
    doesn't he setup a mail server series"? Relay the decrypted mail into
    another postfix server. You're going to run into CPU % scalability issues
    with spamassassin and encryption anyway. If multiple servers isn't an
    option maybe a postfix chroot or two will do the job. Or maybe someone more
    clever than me has a solution..




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