Re: question from a newbie..... can certain users be excluded?

From: Rick Johnson (
Date: Thu 18 Mar 2004 - 23:25:12 GMT

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    David Camm wrote:
    > putting MAIL="" in crontab really isn't an option, nor is mailing this output to
    > an external address.
    > is there any way i can tell sanitizer to ignore mail for root (or some list of
    > accounts)?

    You haven't mentioned how sanitizer is being called. Are you calling it
    through sendmail, procmail, ?

    If the latter, it's pretty easy to add an exclusion line to the
    procmailrc if the sender is root@hostname.

    Example (other methods of getting To: could work too):

    :0 fw
    # Exclude root mail
    * ! ^To:.*
    |/usr/local/anomy/bin/ /etc/sanitizer.cfg



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