question from a newbie..... can certain users be excluded?

From: David Camm (
Date: Thu 18 Mar 2004 - 22:23:07 GMT

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    i'm creating a 'black box' application server for a client. the objective is to
    process incoming emails through sanitizer, pull out attachements and body text
    and store these in a specific directory.

    after a few false starts, then reading some of the code, this is working

    there's one small problem......

    the system requires running several jobs via crontab (we're talking about a
    linux rh 9 box) and by default crontab mails results to root - which goes
    through sanitizer and winds up in the directory with the other stuff the
    customer NEEDS to see.

    putting MAIL="" in crontab really isn't an option, nor is mailing this output to
    an external address.

    is there any way i can tell sanitizer to ignore mail for root (or some list of

    any help would be appreciated.

    david camm
    advanced web systems
    keller, tx

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