From: Holger Isenberg (
Date: Tue 16 Mar 2004 - 16:18:21 GMT

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    This is also a reply to my own msg "signed MIME-PGP broken?"

    On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 14:41, Hannes Gruber wrote:
    > Aha, I see, the problem is caused by sanitizer writing something in
    > plaintext into the mail that breaks the Encryption.
    > I think the only solution would be to configure maildrop in that way,
    > that mails of S/MIME are not Sanitized.

    As I now found out, the problem is our internal Exchange (5.x) Server
    which removes for some reason all headers and signatures of clearsigned
    (not signed & encrupted) PGP/MIME msgs!

    Sanitizer 1.66 (,v 1.82) does not add anything which
    destroys the signature if /etc/sanitizer.cfg contains the following
    lines and of course /usr/bin/sanitizer is called with parameter
    /etc/sanitizer.cfg in the exim-filter configuration (which I overlooked
    at first).

    feat_boundaries = 0
    feat_trust_pgp = 0

    Hannes, with feat_bounderies S/MIME should also work. If not, post the
    attached sanitizer.log of the invalied S/MIME msg.


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