signed MIME-PGP broken?

From: Holger Isenberg (
Date: Tue 09 Mar 2004 - 18:03:56 GMT

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    Sanitizer 1.66 is installed as filter into Exim and works fine except
    for signed MIME-PGP msgs.
    Depending on configuration, it either attaches a sanitizer.log which
    breaks the PGP signature or it lets the PGP-mail through without
    examination (no X-Sanitizer headers visible then).

    The attached sanitizer.log:

    Part (pos="422"): SanitizeFile (filename="signature.asc",
    Match (names="signature.asc", rule="15"):
    Enforced policy: accept

    Is there a possibility to suppress the sanitizer.log when no dangerous
    content was found in MIME-PGP mails?

    Besides that, Sanitizer works for almost 2 years flawlessly at our
    mailserver (Exim and previously Postfix).


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