Re: how to sent some report to sender

From: David Mackler (
Date: Fri 05 Mar 2004 - 06:00:30 GMT

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    Hello Joseph,

    There really is not much point these days inasmuch as most of the virii
    (worms, really) spread themselves by taking on false "From" headers
    harvested from the address books of compromised machines. Every "you
    sent an infected message" message that I have received in the last
    year, and it has been a *lot*, has been exclusively from messages I
    never sent!

    They really do not help anymore, sadly.

    If you still want to do it, the simplest way would be to write a
    procmail script, assuming you are using procmail, in /etc/procmail that
    just parsed out the message inserted by anomy and piped to a simple
    script. At least, that is what I would try first.


    On Mar 4, 2004, at 1:18 AM, Joseph Goh wrote:

    > Dear All,
    > Right now i am using Anomy with sendmail, all now i want to do is to
    > configure Anomy to return some report to the sender and inform them
    > about their mail if the mail which they send contain virus.
    > How i can do that ?
    > Regards,
    > Joseph Goh

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