From: Balint Jacint (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 2004 - 11:21:34 GMT

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    I saw the anomy + clamav question detailed in the list archive, and
    tried the script Jackson, Jeff send to the list, but unfortunately it
    just doesn't work for me. Anomy simply cuts out the attachment instead
    of calling that script.

    Here comes the part of my anomy.conf that relates:

    file_list_3 = (?i)\.(mp3|mp2|mpg|zip)$
    file_list_3_policy = accept:save:save:save
    file_list_3_scanner = 0:2:3:/usr/bin/ %FILENAME

    With this and Jackson Jeff's script it just droppes all the
    related attachments, they doesn't show up in the quarantine.
    I'm using anomy 1.66

    Can anyone help me?


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