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From: Derek Morris (
Date: Mon 02 Feb 2004 - 01:59:59 GMT

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    On Sunday 01 February 2004 12:09 pm, Rick Johnson wrote:
    > Richard Kimber wrote:
    > > The manual says there must be THREE groups of exit codes and FOUR
    > > policies,the first three match the code groups, the fourth is default.
    > > Is there somewhere that explains the exit codes? I can't find a statement
    > > of what they all are, and different examples of cfg files I've seen in
    > > various places I've found with Google seem to use different exit codes.
    > > Also, is the syntax of the cfg file explained somewhere? At the moment
    > > I'm having to deduce it from the examples.
    > I don't know the exit codes for F-Prot, however it woudl be the F-Prot
    > documentation you'd want to check in order to determine the exit codes
    > you'd want to use.
    > For example, in uvscan (McAfee), clean is 0, 19 is found but cleaned, 12
    > & 13 is failed to clean or virus found. These can be found in their docs.
    > -Rick

    F-Prot exit codes seem to depend on which command you use, f-prot or f-protd.
    I'm useing Anomy's builtin wrapper for f-protd which documents the exit codes
    at the end of the anomy/bin/Anomy/Sanitizer/ file.


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