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From: Richard Kimber (
Date: Sun 01 Feb 2004 - 15:28:39 GMT

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    In trying to work out why my new f-prot doesn't seem to work I realised I
    needed to understand better how the sanitizer works, and specifically how
    the config file is constructed.

    I have looked at and have
    previously just copied suggested configs, but I now need to understand
    more accurately.

    The manual says there must be THREE groups of exit codes and FOUR
    policies,the first three match the code groups, the fourth is default. Is
    there somewhere that explains the exit codes? I can't find a statement of
    what they all are, and different examples of cfg files I've seen in
    various places I've found with Google seem to use different exit codes.
    Also, is the syntax of the cfg file explained somewhere? At the moment
    I'm having to deduce it from the examples.

    - Richard.

    Richard Kimber

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