Re: Re: zip files from W32/Mydoom@MM

From: Rick Johnson (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 2004 - 17:29:04 GMT

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    Thomas von Hassel wrote:
    >>>is it just me or does the zip files from W32/Mydoom@MM slip through
    >>>anomy ?
    >>Almost certainly, unless you have a virus scanner plugged in.
    >>ZIP files are generally on the list of allowed file types, so this
    >>is to be expected.
    > i have uvscan plugged in and set zip files to be scanned ...but it now
    > seems that uvscan isn't recognising them when they are zip files ...

    You need the 4139 DAT. I had to download their daily untested yesterday
    in order to "catch" the virus. 4139 was released last night, which
    appears to be catching it.

    Fortunately, SpamAssassin's baysean filter caught on soon enough, and at
    least flagged a good portion as spam which should help deter any users
    which got the attachment before I was able to update my DAT's myself.


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