RE: Newbie HTML/DEFANG question -- how do I stop im ages from being DE FANGED?

From: Peter Mueller (
Date: Thu 15 Jan 2004 - 23:16:49 GMT

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    > What my fix does, is, it will restore embedded html images in
    > html format messages. But, it won't help Rick's problem
    > (which is really everyone's problem...). This is where
    > attached, inline images are being defanged (in my case they
    > are being saved to quarantine).

    So to restore the inline messages one has to revert to 1.61, and to restore
    the HTML-image-links make the changes you suggested? Is there a big
    disadvantage to reverting?

    ( Now I know why they call it MIME-magic. Bah! 8-)



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