Re: Newbie HTML/DEFANG question -- how do I stop images from being DE FANGED?

From: Rick Johnson (
Date: Thu 15 Jan 2004 - 22:56:15 GMT

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    These aren't embedded images, just attached with the "inline" disposition.

    This started breaking after 1.61 when Content-ID was searched.


    Jackson, Jeff wrote:

    > In, try changing the line for "src" under the "img" => section (line 422 for me).
    > Change the line "src" = "src" to "src" = "1"
    > That restored the inline images in the html emails being sent to me.
    > Hope that was what you were looking for...
    > Jeff
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    >>>I believe that this behaviour is caused by:
    >>> feat_webbugs = 1
    >>Changing this setting did not solve the problem. In this
    >>case, it appears
    >>that the Content-ID with .com mismatches the .jpg extension.
    >>This mismatch
    >>triggers the default defang rule, which renames the attachment.
    >>I tried turning off webbugs, and no change.
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