Re: Trouble with ClamAV

From: Robert de Bath (robert$
Date: Tue 30 Dec 2003 - 08:29:01 GMT

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    On Wed, 24 Dec 2003, Josh Berry wrote:

    > I am having trouble integrating ClamAV with Anomy. I applied the ClamAV
    > patch to the check_for_virus file found at:

    > I can't seem to get it to only remove virus', depending on the policy it
    > will tag everything as malicious content or nothing as malicious content.
    > I tried created a scanner setting on all of the other file lists and had
    > the same problem.
    > Where am I going wrong?

    Is clamav setup to only look at executable extensions?
    ie: does it work if you attach not eicar.txt ?


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