Trouble with ClamAV

From: Josh Berry (
Date: Wed 24 Dec 2003 - 16:21:24 GMT

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    I am having trouble integrating ClamAV with Anomy. I applied the ClamAV
    patch to the check_for_virus file found at:

    In my config for sanitizer I have:

    file_list_4_scanner = 0:2:3:/<path-to-anomy>/check_for_virus %FILENAME
    file_list_4_policy = accept:accept:drop:accept
    file_list_4 = (?i).*

    (at first I had it configure like the check_for_virus file says:

    I have it configured this way because I do not care to drop anything
    except for a virus, I have configured other file-lists that will drop
    malicious content. I been playing with the different policies and can't
    seem to get it to work. I sent an eicar.txt test file to see if it would
    drop/mangle the file and it did nothing. I tested ClamAV locally and it
    correctly identified the file as a virus. I then ran check_for_virus
    locally and it worked properly also.

    I can't seem to get it to only remove virus', depending on the policy it
    will tag everything as malicious content or nothing as malicious content.
    I tried created a scanner setting on all of the other file lists and had
    the same problem.

    Where am I going wrong?

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