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Date: Thu 18 Dec 2003 - 16:16:30 GMT

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    The obvious answer is to use procmail - as .procmailrc files in each user's
    home dir. These can deliver as reqd, and also call up anomy, spamassassin &
    whatever else you want.

    Oliver Tickell.

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    Im running Anomy perfectly, to catch attaches and other stuff. Works just

     Now I need to do an different thing, and I dont know if an-sanitizer will
    do it. Or if there is any way of doing this directly at Sendmail.

        I have 4 mailboxes: support1 support2 support3 support4

        I need all e-mails from this mailboxes forwaded to support-supervision.
    For incoming messages, its Ok. For OUTGOING, I dont know how to do. Is
    there an easy way? Sice its for this addrs only, I think it wouldnt be so
    hard if manually configured.

        Any help??

        Thanks very much

        Carlos Eduardo


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